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Enrollment in Virginia Obamacare is Simple

Enrollment in Obamacare is quite simple and has generally served me well. Some of the things I like about my plan includes the fact that all you have to do is sign up on the website. In my case however, I had trouble with my password so I was able to call in and sign up with a FFM agent who was working on the phone. It is was very easy to sign up by phone and I appreciated having the personal touch in terms of getting my enrollment taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since I was a client last year, I wanted to sign into the program via the website, however, as that wasn’t possible, I was glad an agent was available.

I had a little bit of difficulty picking a plan as the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia Silver plan I signed up for last year with a low deductible was now out of my price range. I was able to find a bronze plan with Aetna with optional dental that fit though. I was pleased with this alternative.

I am a single person who relies on a few different sources of income like rent and part time jobs. I manage to make enough to get the insurance but just qualify to meet the subsidy guideline.

I signed up with Anthem on a Bronze plan with a high deductible, because they offered the most affordable insurance for my situation. I was able to get a decent subsidy since my income was low enough to qualify for one.

I have used my Obamacare plan, but I ran into a problem where my doctor’s visit wasn’t covered by my plan so I have to find out what that is all about. It should have contributed one hundred dollars toward my 139.00 bill. So, I was disappointed it didn’t.

I like my plan in general, because most of the basic doctor’s visits are covered. This is a decent insurance plan. I liked the plan I had last year which had a lower deductible but a higher co pay but as mentioned, it went up in price significantly this year so I was not something I could utilize again unfortunately.

My plan costs me nothing at this time, but it does have a rather high deductible. that is something I am not very happy with. However, the other plans as mentioned, were out of my price range.

My Obamacare is Good

To make it a bit clear, we must first of all get know the notion of Obamacare and its functioning. Obamacare is sort of a law that was passed and signed by the president of the United States that sought to offer to its citizens a more flexible and cheap way of acquiring health facilities through insurance. Individuals have just to purchase this insurance and the act would cover their health and their related issues. This was a law that was passed through the affordable care act which seeks to give the citizens of the states the access to quality medical attention without having to deep into their pockets for money. When I was informed of Obamacare I almost shied away because I thought maybe it was an expensive venture but when I applied for my Obamacare in North Carolina, I realized just how simple it was. It did not even take me days as I just sat before my computer and filled in the necessary details and I was done. However, some situations like malfunctioning of the system might force one to take the option of manual application. This is an equally effective method but the only problem is that it might actually take you days before you have fully applied for the service. This as well might lead to you incurring a lot of cost in the process of visiting offices and filing the forms.

The middle class nature of my financial situation forced me to apply for my Obamacare. I realized that it was really going to save me a lot I terms of financial incurrence. I took the option and if you ask me whether I regret having applied for this service I would blatantly tell you that I am not a little bit regretting. I am very happy with their services in that it has generally improved on the situation of my life. The amount that I should have spent on hospital related finances would be channeled to other meaningful areas or would even be saved for future uses.

Humanity has a tendency of shying away on the least of shenanigans that it is an expensive venture. I could confirm to you that compared to the health benefits one gains form their services, I do not see the real reason to shy away on issues to do with finances. Currently, it could cost ten people around eighty four dollars to acquire this insurance that would cover aspects of their health. I do not therefore claim that my Obamacare really ate into my money as the happiness I derive form their services drowns any slight growth of regret. However, it is important to also note that it is dependent on the kind of subsidies one goes for. I used cost sharing reduction subsidy myself because I considered it worthwhile in terms of keeping costs referred to as out-of-the-pocket lowered. It has really occurred well with me and I do not a bit regret their service. My Obamacare has satisfied my need for health insurance.

My Obamacare Application Experience

My Experience with the Affordable Care Act has been great.  With the escalating prices of health insurance steadily increasing  each year, the Affordable Care Act. in my opinion, came at a time when the nation really needed it! This act which was signed into law five years ago and nicknamed “Obamacare,” basically provides much more affordable health insurance to Americans while improving the health care system overall. Similar to others, my husband and I were initially skeptical that we could afford insurance even under this new law. However, our present life and luck changed one fateful day on a busy highway in Atlanta!

In many ways, we could be considered the average middle class family, but in other ways, we experience financial challenges like so many other Americans. My husband and I are both self-employed and had been without insurance for years, at least not on a regular basis. The only person in the household who had consistent insurance was my son, who happens to have asthma also. Even without this condition, we still would have made sure he was covered even if we were not insured ourselves.

It wasn’t just the high cost which deterred us previously, but my husband is also diabetic and this disease made it very difficult to obtain insurance. If it wasn’t just a outright denial, then the insurance price would be over-whelmingly high to accommodate the expected complications of diabetes. Even on none self-employment jobs, the company’s insurance was so high, we simply could not afford it. Even for just myself, a relatively healthy person so far, the cost seem excessive. It was not until one day, on the highway, when my husband saw a Humana advertisement, offering extremely low cost insurance that we begin taking action.

After applying through a fairly simple online process, we are now insured by Humana POS and our premiums are less than $20 a month!

This Open Access and National Pos of Georgia plan has allowed us to drastically reduce our medical expenses while choosing from numerous in-network providers. In addition to our monthly premium, we pay a $35 copay for doctor visits, $60 for specialists, and $100 for urgent care centers, which are great alternatives to crowded emergency rooms.

One of the most beneficial things to me about the Affordable Care Act is preventing and screening services are now free of charge. With a family history of breast cancer, my aunt and great-aunt are both survivors, this became even more alarming to me when my sister was diagnosed. I am now able to get yearly mammograms, as needed, without worrying about the cost of this procedure.

I believe the best part of this Act and what has been the most helpful to us, is individuals with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied coverage and premiums can’t be raised due to your health status. So, after years of denial or outrageous quotes due to his diabetes, my husband and everyone else in our household are finally insured. Just as important as the physical benefits are the emotional ones, we not only have great health insurance now but “peace of mind” also!

Obamacare is my First Entitlement

Satisfied and Covered

When I celebrated my 63rd birthday in January, 2015, I found myself without medical insurance and facing at least one surgery for chronic pain. Never before had I been in this predicament as I had always been covered on my husband’s insurance at work or on mine. So, I began searching for an insurance plan that I could afford. Independent insurance very expensive, and there was no way we could pay for it with our income. I initially applied through the Marketplace Health Plans.

I prepared taxes and stopped working in April. My husband was on Medicare with an additional plan that he paid for.

Because my doctor only accepted certain insurance providers, I opted to go with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia and had to apply directly through them. Our family had been covered by this provider before, and we had been very happy with the company.

However, as I could not afford the quoted premium and, even though I did not want to, I applied for the subsidy. Never before had our family ever taken anything from the government that could have been described as “entitlement.” But, I had no choice. Even though, my overall health is good, I knew that I would need surgery eventually for the arthritis and degeneration of my hip and back.

Finally, after years of increasing chronic pain that affected the quality of my life, I decided it was time for surgery. In July, the surgeon replaced my right hip.

Thus far, I have had no complaints with the insurance. The bills have been paid in a timely manner and I knew upfront what I would have to pay. There are questions that concern me, the main one being how will the subsidy be considered at tax time. Will it be considered income? If so, that would be a significant increase to our total income. There are amounts that the insurance did not cover and are my responsibility, but are managing it on our budget.My husband and I are far from being wealthy. I pay $159 each month and my income has been reassessed at least once during this time frame when my tax preparation job ended. It was lowered from $165 to $159.

Obamacare for Pregnant Florida Mom

About 5 months ago, I found out I was pregnant. I could not afford health insurance, but knew I had to get it immediately so the baby and I could receive proper care. I ended up applying for Medicaid, which covers all medical expenses for low-income single moms. With Medicaid though, they direct you to picking out an affordable, yet free health care insurance program that best fits your family’s needs. They said I earn to much money and they directed me to this site to apply for Obamacare. You get the choice between the Bronze, Silver, Gold, And Platinum. The Silver is best because I get enhanced benefits to go with my $18,000 income. I chose United Healthcare which is best where I live in Florida.

Once you become a member of Obamacare, you pick out a family practitioner from their list of health care providers. After, a representative from the insurance company calls you and asks if you have any questions about your plan. They will also go over some of the benefits you will get from using their health insurance. You do not even need a physical examination from a doctor to qualify for this plan, which is one of the things I liked most about this insurance company.

For mom’s to be the plan covers all prenatal appointments, birthing costs, a free manual breast pump for nursing moms, midwives if desired and a free car seat for newborns or children that still require a safety seat by law. Some free extras the program covers for single moms with youngsters are free dental kits, reimbursements for joining health clubs such as Weight Watchers, assistance with quitting smoking and direct access to the 24/7 Nurse Advice Hot Line for medical emergencies you are unsure of.

The insurance plan is not just for new moms to be either. In fact, the insurance is great for people who need help and assistance managing diabetes, asthma and other special health conditions too. You even get discounts, free prescription medications, and medical supplies if necessary. I also suffer from asthma and since I have been on the plan for the last 4 months I have found the assistance and care they provide to asthmatics to be helpful. I get free inhalers and pay very little when I do need a steroid medication to help control severe attacks. Best of all, anytime I have an asthma attack and need emergency care at a hospital, it is free. Even the medication they provide at the hospital to help me breath better is free.

If you are struggling, with getting health insurance because you have a low to no income living situation try getting assistance through your state and apply for Medicaid, but if you can’t get that get Obamacare. Obamacare is way better. Once you do, they will be able to help you pick out an affordable too even free health insurance plan as I have that will be able to provide you the health care you need. After all, keeping your family happy and healthy is essential for quality of life.

For me, applying for Obamacare has helped tremendously and I have nothing negative to say about this health care plan. It’s providing me with free medical coverage and my baby and I are receiving the prenatal care we need so she can arrive happily and healthy in the next 4 months. After that, the plan will cover postpartum care and newborn checkups to keep us healthy.

An honest review, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

A lot of people are looking up health insurance, how much, who and the benefits of each one. I know how hard it can be to look up just what would be best. A plan for a basic insurance, or a little deeper if you already have an existing condition. It can be hard to find the right insurance for anybody. So here is a quick review of the private health insurance that I have, and all the benefits and costs it contains.

I currently live in Georgia. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA. I’ve had that insurance company for over four years. I have had my personal plan change twice while with them, from a two person to a three person plan.

This did raise the price of my plan, as it covered more people and my deductible did raise before it would cover anything. It was a fairly sizable increase in monthly payment, and had to be split between the other adult on my plan. This was a small issue as far as having to go to the Urgent Care for any reason that was less than the deductible, as it resulted in an immediate payment out of my pocket. The co-pay was still there for certain things, as it will be for most plans, I have found that with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, and on the plan I was on, there was less co-payments due for basic checkups. And that the co-pays where relatively reasonable, so long as the deductible had been paid off first.

I do like that Blue Cross Blue Shield is a nationwide plan, as I moved across the country. They were more than accommodating when I had to undergo surgery, which was fully covered by them, and took the time to give me a personal call to check and ensure I was going to get a final check from the surgeon. They made it easy to call and communicate with a real person, and dealt with any personal information very confidentially.

My insurance was a great company, but it finally got too much for the deductible for me. I moved and started looking at other insurances, just to see for myself. I was disappointed to find that they were some of the more expensive companies, and that even with the plan I was on, I still had to pay out of pocket for my contacts and glasses. Unfortunately they were less than happy to discontinue my services, but did so efficiently and confidentially for my personal security.

Over-all, Blue Cross Blue Shield is a fairly good insurance company. I do feel like their price is a bit high, but that if you are looking for a more worldly coverage that they are great for that. For basic coverage however, with very few needed items, they are a bit too much for a single person. My friend has Obamacare and has better coverage, but I make too much money for Obamacare.

Health Insurance Marketplace Plan Review

I am new to America, and I reside in Georgia and last year my sister came over to my place on her occasional visits and was really amazed when I told her that I had no health cover. I really regretted my having told her the truth because the kind of scorning that she gave me might make you think that it was something sinister I had done. However after one year I realized just how sinister it is to stay without an health cover after I got ill, and I basically didn’t have any money for the hospital bills at the moment. Once I got out of my injury, I inquired straight on the best health insurance around Georgia, and I opted for Obamacare plan.

I would tell you that I have never regretted a bit the Humana plan in which I opted for because the kind of services they offer should basically drown any idea of regret that may be sprouting. Many people would shy away from this service on the mere allegation that it is an expensive thong to engage in, and it really eats up one’s time. That is absolutely and obnoxious statement to make because however much I paid a fee for the acquiring of this health cover, the kind of cover I get back is absolutely amazing. As to how I acquired my plan, it was as simple as one would never have imagined. It just took me the trouble of sitting before my computer for sometimes, and I was done. However, it should be noted that some situations would force you to opt for the paper application for Obamacare. This method of application is quite a hard one because you absolutely have to endure the trouble of having to go from office to office seeking to inquire and fill forms. This would waste your precious time, that is when I found and it is ideal because the agent helped me do an online application of Obamacare.

The estimate behind the finances incurred on the whole Obamacare insurance issue is around ten dollars per individual at least in my case. And the best idea behind that is that the kind of service you are going to be offered back is quality affordable care. Access to quality health attendance is the best gift one would give themselves. That is the one thing I like about the plan and the fact that it doesn’t involve many copays. Obamacare seeks to give the residents of the US quality healthcare at absolutely low rates. However, it should be noted that not everybody would freely get access to this insurance. It only applies to residents of the US you might as well not access it if you are in prison at the time of the application.

The one thing that you might consider disadvantageous with this plan is that for an employee, they would be supposed to take their company sponsored health insurance. This is due to the fact that companies look at it as an advantage if they pay a penalty instead of having their employees purchasing their health insurance for themselves and the employer having to spend a bunch of money. This means that you will only be covered by one insurance company at a go.

Anything else about Obamacare to me has been a beautiful walk. It is quite flexible and that is to my advantage as the new customer this case. With my sisters help, I plunge into the service of experts and chances of me regretting a cent of what I’ve spent not likely. Obamacare covers and gives quality attention to my health, to yours too, and to many nationalities that come to this great land.

Why I Love Obamacare

When the Affordable Health Care Act was first proposed by President Obama, there were many who thought it was a horrible idea. They were afraid it would cause emergency rooms to be over run, and the majority of people stuck with substandard health insurance. Their fears have not come true. For the most part Obamacare, as it was first called by it’s detractors, has proved to be no worse than any government plan. It has given much needed security to the thousands of Americans that were falling between the cracks.

In the beginning there was a lot of problems with the online sign up page. In the state of Indiana. I still find the web site to be difficult to use. It repeatedly sent me back to the sign in page. I find it much quicker, and less frustrating to call my agent who I met through this sight by scheduling a call and talking to a real person. The insurance my employer had provided when I was working was only good to keep me from being fined. It paid for almost nothing. After I retired, since I was not yet old enough for Medicare, I signed up with Obama care. My husband already had a policy though them. He had retired the previous year, and like me not old enough for Medicare. Since I couldn’t put him on my employer provided insurance we turned to the government plan. Together we qualified for a new plan. We qualified for an HMO on the Anthem Silver Plan. Our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana cost us nothing. We pay a $20 co-pay and $15 for prescription drugs. I was able to add UnitedHealthOne Dental and Vision for only $39 a month. This is not cut rate insurance. It is one of the best insurance companies in the state of Indiana. Shortly, after getting my plan, I had to have emergency surgery. The insurance covered all but $230.

The amount of paperwork required to sign up is still a little taxing. I spent over an hour on the phone and then had to mail in several other pieces of information. Married couples are required to file together, which may seem like a small thing, but my husband really fought against it. I tend to agree that having your options taken away by the government is very unpleasant. In the long run though, the savings on Indiana health care are worth the hassles. I still hate the Obamacare sign up process, but it is much better now that I have my own dedicated agent and really only takes about 15 minutes to renew. I consider my insurance to be a life saver.

Obamacare Sign Up Was Not That Bad

Although there were some problems with the process of signing up for Obamacare early on, the problems have seemed to work themselves out and it is very easy to apply now. The first step for applying is simply heading over to the Obamacare site and applying to see if you get coverage. You essentially enter all of your information in relation to your current living situation, income, and all sorts of other things that determine whether or not you qualify for assistance.

What basically happens is they will analyze your paperwork and will send you back various plans that you qualify for. You then have the option of selecting between a handful of plans, which you can research and make your own decision as to which company you want to go with. Generally speaking, the lower the amount of income that you have per month, the more assistance you will get towards your bill. For my current situation, I applied as a single individual and ended up selecting Coventry, because they have had great reviews and their plan gave me great coverage for a very low cost. The total subsidy that I received took my monthly bills down to under fifty dollars and the average cost of going to the doctor is generally five dollars or less, making it an incredibly good plan to go with.

I had originally gone with Cigna, but I have found that Coventry Georgia has a far superior plan. One of the best parts about their plan is that their facilities carry just about everything you need medically all in one place. You can pick your prescriptions up at the very place that you go to see the doctor, and there are plenty of hospitals and doctors’ offices around. For me personally, the prescriptions that I get are very cheap compared to the sticker price on the bottle, which is due to the large subsidy that i receive, which is then applied to my prescription costs. A few of the prescriptions that I regularly pick up are in the one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollar range, and the total amount to pick them up is under ten dollars.

There are several levels that you can select in the Coventry/ Aetna system. I had one option where I would essentially pay nothing, but the coverage was different if I had needed to have a major surgery or something of that magnitude. You will have to weigh your options when it comes to your risks of having a large medical cost, but I opted to pick a coverage that was somewhere in the middle, where I still have costs per month, but the overall charges for a long hospital stay would not be massive. So far I have used the plan to see a regular doctor at least six or seven times, have seen several specialists, and picked up medication and I have to say it is the most professional and efficient health insurance company that I have ever dealt with.

Special Enrollment: Loss of Coverage

Below are some of the fine details as to what is required if you are trying to enroll outside of Open Enrollment and trying to use LOSS OF COVERAGE to stimulate a Special Enrollment.

  • Annual Renewal occurs outside of Open Enrollment; provide a copy of the renewal letter from existing/prior Insurance Company.
  • Divorce or legal separation results in you losing coverage under your spouse’s health insurance; provide a copy of the certificate of creditable coverage OR a copy of the termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company. 
  • Employer reduces your hours, leaving you without coverage; provide a letter from your employer on Company letterhead and signed by an officer/owner of the Company.
  • Employer sponsored and/or Group coverage terminates due to non-payment of premium; provide a copy of certificate of creditable coverage OR a copy of the termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company.
  • Exhaustion of COBRA; provide a copy of certificate of creditable coverage OR a copy of the termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company.
  • No longer meets definition of dependent due to age; provide a copy of certificate of creditable coverage OR a copy of the termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company.
  • Non-payment of premium, misrepresentation or fraud; provide a copy of reinstatement denial letter OR copy of rescission letter from existing/prior Insurance Company.
  • Short Term Medical Plan is exhausted; provide a copy of termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company.

Don’t Qualify for Special Enrollment? Buy Short Term Medical Coverage.

  • Spouse’s death leaves you without coverage under his/her plan; provide a copy of certificate of creditable coverage OR a copy of the termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company.
  • Spouse’s employment ends as well as coverage under his/her employer’s plan for you and/or your dependents’; provide a copy of certificate of creditable coverage OR a copy of the termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company.
  • Termination of employer contributions; provide a letter from your employer on Company letterhead and signed by an officer/owner of the Company.
  • You and/or your dependents’ have a health claim that would meet or exceed the plan’s lifetime limit on all benefits; provide a copy of Explanation of Benefits from existing/prior Insurance Company indicating that all lifetime limit on all benefits have been met or exceeded.
  • You and/or your dependents permanently move to another state and/or no longer live or work in the existing/prior plan’s service area.  Please provide the following:  1-Your prior residential address; 2–Proof of your current residential address by providing ONE of the following:  Mortgage Bill / Renter’s Agreement with new residential address, Driver’s License with new residential address OR Utility Bill with new residential address 3AND A copy of certificate of creditable coverage OR termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company to validate the loss of coverage due to the Relocation.
  • You and/or your dependents are no longer eligible for eligible for CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), Medicaid, PCIP (Federal Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan) or State High Risk Pool; provide a copy of certificate of creditable coverage OR a copy of the termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company and/or federal or state agency.
  • Your employer decides it will no longer offer coverage to a certain group of individuals (for example, those who work part time); provide a letter from your employer on Company letterhead and signed by an officer/owner of the Company.
  • Your employment ends as well as coverage under your employer’s plan for you and/or your dependents’; provide a copy of certificate of creditable coverage OR a copy of the termination letter from existing/prior Insurance Company