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  1. Trying to get my disabled son some help. He has no income, as of yet hasn’t been able to get his disability. What is a person to do?

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am writing this on behalf of my sister who is 61yrs old. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
    She is on disability since one year. She desperately needs your help.

  3. I am attempting to find out information on health insurance. I applied for obamacare but was unable to finish the application because the website went down. What do i do? Or what can i do?

  4. i dont understand about the coverage on some of the plans. i need some help because this is my first time doing the insurance on my own and i would like to do it by phone or by mail.

  5. I have been trying to apply through covered California website for 2 days and something is wrong with the website…even tried on my dads computer. HELP! I don’t want to miss the deadline…

  6. I am trying to find some insurance because I need it. I know that ny time to purchase insurance is running out. I do need some help in finding insurance that fit my budget. Please help thank you.


  8. all I receive is my social security which is a little over 1000.00 a month, what would it cost for health care.

  9. I want enrol my daughter and I into the Obamacare Health care and would like someone to contact me to discuss further.


  10. My son need 2 apply for Obamcare. We just found that he has diabetes ,last week he was very ill,his eye site was very blurry ,so i took his father diabetes machine it was so high the machine could’nt read it so i took him to the hospital his sugar level was 780 hard to believe ,but it was.The hospital did not give him any thing ,no tester ,insulin nothing we was told they don’t give them out anymore i was soooooooooooo afraid he need the insulin to get better.Please Help US


  12. Hi,
    My name is Brooke Howell and I work at a private practice. A Spanish-speaking patient would like to apply for Obamacare over the phone. The patient does not have an email and does not have a computer. Would you be able to assist?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  13. I applied for insurance around Feb. 8th and now I’m trying to get the paperwork I was told I would need to verify income and to find out how to log in to my acct. I still have not received my insurance cards. I am also concerned about billing, I signed up at the same time as my boyfriend and it looks as if his insurance premium is on my credit card and mine is on his. I also want to make sure that both of our insurance plans start on March 1st. My plan is in Buford Ga. I need someone to help me with this. Thank you

  14. I applied for obama care on 12/24/2013 by phone. When I called Humana and BXBS, to check to see, that they had my application. I learned that my Birth date had been entered incorrectly. The only way to fix it was to terminate this application, and file a new application, which I did on 12/30/2013. I sent in payments of $52.30 to humana for my medical coverage, and $36.96 to BXBS for my dental insurance. I called to make sure they had received the payments, and was told the money had been credited to January payment. This is the policy they told me I had to cancel. I have been on the phone with the affordable credit act, several times, for hours, at a time. I have even had a conference call between supervisors or ACA and Humana to get the money credited to Feb and the new policy. BXBS says they never received a termination notice for the application I did on 12/24/2013, and they don’t have the new application I did on 12/30/2013 in which my Birth date would be correct. After believing that Human and ACA had the problem corrected, I await my cards, only to be called by Humana and tell me once again, the only way to fix my birth date is to call the ACA people again. This would be starting over. I have no insurance, and I would be very happy to have some, as I am disabled and have had to do without insurance for several years now. At this point I give up. I have done everything I can possible do on my end to fix this, and still have no insurance. Do to my disability, I will be eligible for Medicare in July 2014. At this point, February is now gone, and if I am expected to pay for February , I would of expected to be able to use the insurance. The only fair thing to do is to get effective on March 1, 2014 and have the money I have allready paid credited to March, and receive cards, so I can go to the doctor on March l. I don’t want to be penalized by or have my tax credit effected, because I can barely afford the insurance I am trying to get through Humana and BXBS. If your reading this, and don’t have the time or the ambition to follow this problem through, to the end, then please pass it on to someone who does. I have a prepaid phone and have allready spent appox 30 hrs trying to get this insurance.

  15. I have some additional questions concerning my choices please have someone call between 12:30 and 1:30 eastern standard time


  16. I want to apply for healthcare. I’m a barber in a barbershop in SC and I have 5 barbers without health insurance

  17. So glad I visited. I submitted my info and got a phone call. We reviewed my income and my husband’s income. I got $328 federal money to help pay for health insurance. I still have to pay $204 a month but that is much better than paying the entire cost.

    Obamacare works for me!

    1. Amazing. I used to pay over $500 a month for myself and my child. Now I get $482 subsidy and my deductible decreased down to $800. This is a dream come true. I used to avoid the doctors. Now we can finally go. And we finally have money for other things. Process was easy. Tried to do it on my own. Agent called me. I had done the application all wrong and did not properly include my child. My subsidy went from $70 to $482. So happy about all this.

  18. Feel out the applications months Ago send information in that was required, still haven’t gotten any response, I need this healthcare for my family, please someone help me.

  19. I would appreciate a call from someone who understands the way these plans work and can help me find a good fit for my income. Than you so much in advance.

  20. I have tried to apply on line with no success. I would like to get the plan for my daughter and I before the deadline please.

  21. I would like to sign up for Obamacare. I would like to see a variety of different health plans which I am elgible to sign up for. I need instructions how to sign up, what is required, etc….

  22. There are two people in my household (my husband and myself. My husband is 64 and has medicare and I am 62 and applying for Obamacare. Do I list both os our income or just my income?

  23. Can someone call me about this. I currently have Blue Shield of Ca and it keeps raising on me. Cant afford it anymore and I never use it. Its for an emergency, car accident and such. Thanks

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