Why I Love Obamacare

When the Affordable Health Care Act was first proposed by President Obama, there were many who thought it was a horrible idea. They were afraid it would cause emergency rooms to be over run, and the majority of people stuck with substandard health insurance. Their fears have not come true. For the most part Obamacare, as it was first called by it’s detractors, has proved to be no worse than any government plan. It has given much needed security to the thousands of Americans that were falling between the cracks.

In the beginning there was a lot of problems with the online sign up page. In the state of Indiana. I still find the web site to be difficult to use. It repeatedly sent me back to the sign in page. I find it much quicker, and less frustrating to call my agent who I met through this sight by scheduling a call and talking to a real person. The insurance my employer had provided when I was working was only good to keep me from being fined. It paid for almost nothing. After I retired, since I was not yet old enough for Medicare, I signed up with Obama care. My husband already had a policy though them. He had retired the previous year, and like me not old enough for Medicare. Since I couldn’t put him on my employer provided insurance we turned to the government plan. Together we qualified for a new plan. We qualified for an HMO on the Anthem Silver Plan. Our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana cost us nothing. We pay a $20 co-pay and $15 for prescription drugs. I was able to add UnitedHealthOne Dental and Vision for only $39 a month. This is not cut rate insurance. It is one of the best insurance companies in the state of Indiana. Shortly, after getting my plan, I had to have emergency surgery. The insurance covered all but $230.

The amount of paperwork required to sign up is still a little taxing. I spent over an hour on the phone and then had to mail in several other pieces of information. Married couples are required to file together, which may seem like a small thing, but my husband really fought against it. I tend to agree that having your options taken away by the government is very unpleasant. In the long run though, the savings on Indiana health care are worth the hassles. I still hate the Obamacare sign up process, but it is much better now that I have my own dedicated agent and really only takes about 15 minutes to renew. I consider my insurance to be a life saver.