Understanding Subsidy

Subsidized Obamacare rates are based on laws passed with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). President Biden has greatly enhanced the funding and most American’s can get reduced rate health insurance. The reduced insurance premium is based on a few things.

  • Size or your household.
  • Amount of money your family earns.
  • Area of your state in which you live.
  • Age of applicants.
  • Smoking or non-smoking status.

NOTICE: If your family earns LESS than $210 a week, click here to view other options.

When calculating the Obamacare subsidies the federal government will review the household income. If you are uncertain of your income, you may want to check Line 11 of your 1040, Adjusted Gross Income or AGI.

If your family household income is under these amounts you should visit our Help Me Get My Health Insurance site and shop plans now. This is the best way to reach a local Certified Agent to help you apply for Obamacare Subsidy.

22 thoughts on “Understanding Subsidy

  1. I’m a 43 year old female taking care of both elderly parents. I have 0 income. just had major surgery do to cancer. Own nothing but have ALOT of medical bills. don’t know what to do? I also need lots of dental work? Can Obamacare help me????

  2. I have applied all over the state of Missouri, including Obama care. my results are still just spinning me in circles. I am from out of state now a resident here, just released from prison, don’t have a job yet, just want health insurance not foodstamps or money.i have no income and every place I have contacted seems to not want to help. what can I do????even Obama care will not help unless I pay over $200……

  3. I am 63, self-employed, and on the federal exchange.Without the subsidy – I would cancel it immediately. Subsidy is the way to go.

  4. So let me get this straight. I was married we earned 40K each and paid $950 a month for coverage. Now I am divorced and earn under 46K so now I get federal money! Marriage really is a pain! Obamacare rules!

    1. Hi, Becky you are correct. Now your income will qualify you for a subsidy. So for example a 60 year old couple earning $63,000 may pay as much as $1200 – $1400 a month for basic coverage, but if they were not married and each earned 45K the most they would pay is about 9.5% of their income or about $427 per a month each.

  5. I have low income, and need free insurance were can i find this? What are the penalties if i can not get free insurance and there for do not become insured?

    1. The penalty for the 1st year is 1% of your income, then 1.5%, then 2.5% by year 3. Many people are getting free coverage. Please take your time and review the information on this page.

  6. I have a permanent residence address in San Clemente, California but I am serving as a missionary in Port au Prince, Haiti. I am home for a 3 months. I am wondering if Obama Care applies to me, and if I am even eligible for consideration, or if I am required to have it. Out of the information loop!!

    Thank you,

    1. It would depend on your income, the standard rate for bronze is around $600 a month; however, ON-Exchange coverage can limit you to 9.5% of your income. For example, if you are single and earn around $36,000 you would only pay around $300 a month at age 62.

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