An honest review, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

A lot of people are looking up health insurance, how much, who and the benefits of each one. I know how hard it can be to look up just what would be best. A plan for a basic insurance, or a little deeper if you already have an existing condition. It can be hard to find the right insurance for anybody. So here is a quick review of the private health insurance that I have, and all the benefits and costs it contains.

I currently live inĀ Georgia. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA. I’ve had that insurance company for over four years. I have had my personal plan change twice while with them, from a two person to a three person plan.

This did raise the price of my plan, as it covered more people and my deductible did raise before it would cover anything. It was a fairly sizable increase in monthly payment, and had to be split between the other adult on my plan. This was a small issue as far as having to go to the Urgent Care for any reason that was less than the deductible, as it resulted in an immediate payment out of my pocket. The co-pay was still there for certain things, as it will be for most plans, I have found that with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, and on the plan I was on, there was less co-payments due for basic checkups. And that the co-pays where relatively reasonable, so long as the deductible had been paid off first.

I do like that Blue Cross Blue Shield is a nationwide plan, as I moved across the country. They were more than accommodating when I had to undergo surgery, which was fully covered by them, and took the time to give me a personal call to check and ensure I was going to get a final check from the surgeon. They made it easy to call and communicate with a real person, and dealt with any personal information very confidentially.

My insurance was a great company, but it finally got too much for the deductible for me. I moved and started looking at other insurances, just to see for myself. I was disappointed to find that they were some of the more expensive companies, and that even with the plan I was on, I still had to pay out of pocket for my contacts and glasses. Unfortunately they were less than happy to discontinue my services, but did so efficiently and confidentially for my personal security.

Over-all, Blue Cross Blue Shield is a fairly good insurance company. I do feel like their price is a bit high, but that if you are looking for a more worldly coverage that they are great for that. For basic coverage however, with very few needed items, they are a bit too much for a single person. My friend has Obamacare and has better coverage, but I make too much money for Obamacare.