My Obamacare Experience


I applied for healthcare last year. I was in a bad state healthcare wise. I still am to a certain extent.

I used to have some okay healthcare insurance when I lived up in PA. I had it through my corporate job. It really wasn’t much to write home about. Still it was something. About two years back I left my job and began a position working as a freelance at home. Which is something I still do. I love it, though I am still broke, for the most part.

About a year and half ago I moved down to Florida. It was during this time I had heard about the Obamacare thing. I heard that I needed to sign up for it. This was back in March of 2014. I felt as though I needed to take action. Why? Well, I needed to get my eyes checked out. I knew I needed insurance to do it. I went online and began my search for some healthcare.

I am in a position of poverty. I need/needed something which was not going to cost me a lot of money. I basically needed something dirt cheap. I went online and started looking. I found something through United HealthCare. My sister has used it before. She couldn’t stop raving about it. The kind I was looking at was listed under the Obamacare umbrella. I found there are many branches of United Healthcare. I found something called United Healthcare One, or something like that.

I looked over some of the prices and found a really good fit. It would cost me $37.16 a month to have the coverage. This fit my perfectly, especially since I had an eye appointment I needed to keep.

My eyes had not been checked in few years. They needed it. I talked to a specialist about the plan. The guy was very nice. I no longer have the plan. I had to stop it after 6 months. I stopped it because the payments were too high, even for $37. When you live on the poverty line, you have to really watch your money. You have to be very careful what you spend your money on. Do I need health insurance? Yes. Can I still afford to keep it right now? No.

The one thing I learned about this plan was timing and the worth. This plan has a lot of good qualities to it. You get what you pay for with it. If you are going to invest so little, you are going to get that in return. I had offices turning me away because they don’t take this type of plan anymore.

When I do get health coverage again, I will look for a better quality program. It was beneficial to get the eye exam for my eyes. Outside of that, the program was not really that great. There were too many problems. There were too many offices turning me down. The next time I get it, I will invest in something much more beneficial.