Florida Health Insurance Exchange

Florida residents can use the calculator below to see the cost of Health Insurance.

(If you have No Income and no unemployment, click here.)

Get your Florida Health Insurance Subsidy

*All assistance provided is no cost to you. Purchasing a plan through Obamacare / the Federal Exchange is not the best option for everyone. A Health Insurance Plan Comparison and Consultation will be the best way for individuals and families to find affordable Florida health insurance and see all their options.

NOTICE: It is important to understand the ACA eliminates medical underwriting. A person’s height and weight or pre-existing conditions do not affect one’s health insurance premium.

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    25 thoughts on “Florida Health Insurance Exchange

    1. Is it possible to purchase your insurance policy without Social Security number?

      If I am pregnant already can I still buy your policy?

      Will your policy cover labor expenses?

      What is the percentage of coverage this policy offers?

    2. Is it possible to buy your policy without a Social Security number?

      Will the policy cover labor expenses?

      If I am already pregnant is it possible to get this insurance?

      What is the percentage of the coverage?

    3. I would like to receive an application for the Obama Care Plan.
      Please, provide me more information on it through my e-mail.

    4. I have no income, am disabled, but can’t get on SSI, SSA, Medicare or Medicaid, I’m on food stamps, $189.00 a month. Is there a way I can get ObamaCare? Or is this something of no cost, if not I couldn’t do it? I need healthcare to help me get medical services to help with my ability to get for treatment for my Stage 2 Multiple Sclerosis and other health problems.

    5. I have tried and tried to sign up for Medicaid in Florida, where I live, and have been turned down multiple times. They always send me a letter telling me that they will call me for an interview on such and such a date and time, but they have NEVER called me. Instead, every time I apply for Medicaid they turn me down, saying that I have not had a needed phone interview. How can I have a phone interview if NOBODY CALLS ME?!! I have tried to contact them about this and they keep me on hold for over 30 minutes and use all the time on my government provided cell phone so that they don’t have to talk to me. I feel as though my rights have been violated because of this, and now I cannot even get health care through here. I am disabled, having COPD and high blood pressure, and NEED health care if I am going to be able to live. My life is in danger if I can’t get the medicine I need or go to a doctor. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    6. Who can really afford these prices and live. This is not afforable health care. This is really a disappointment. It is impossible to pay bills and pay for this type of insurance at these prices.

    7. my annual income is 8,360. how much money do i have to pay for insurance in order to not be penalized by the government. I already sacrifice my irs check for an overpayment from social security in the amount of 6,450.00 for the rest of my life since i thought i was entitled to it for a health issue.please reply

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