Obamacare is Working for My Family

How the Affordable Care Act Helped My Family

My family and I live in the state of Texas. My husband spent much of his life working. Then one day the company calls. tells him not to come in. Ten years he spent there and he got laid off just like that. My husband tried to find some work, but he was not able to. What didn’t help was his experience level. He was too qualified for a lot of things, so they just turned him down. This all happened about two years ago.I was a stay-at-home mom, up until pretty recently. I had to go back to work. My husband couldn’t find a job. Our savings were going out the window. About a year ago, I came across this Obamacare thing. I had read about in the news. Some friends of mine also were talking about. I always heard how good it was supposed to be. I had heard that Obama was supposed to be looking out for us little people.

With barely two cents to our name I began the process. I told my husband we really didn’t have a choice. Soon after he lost his job, he started having issues with his heart. My husband has always been as healthy as a horse. Due to the stress of losing his job and not being able to find another one, his heart was acting up.

I looked on the computer for some options. I read up on the Obamacare plans and looked at what was out there. A lot of them were pretty expensive, even for those which were considered to be dirt cheap. I did find something under the Affordable Care Act umbrella. I also looked at governmental funding. We needed help in the worst way.

You always hear about the government supposedly looking out for you. It was time for them to put their money where their mouth was.

I started making some calls. I spoke to a few nice people. Some of them did give me the run around. What do you expect, it’s the government for you. After calling the Obamacare phone number I finally made some headway with a woman named Kammy.

She helped me to find something. She was someone who actually was interested, not like others who only pretend to be interested. My husband and I got some assistance.

Now it’s two years later. We still have the program. We pay about $80 a month for it. I still have my job. My husband finally got something part-time. The Affordable Care Act is a blessing. Neither of our jobs pay any insurance, so we are grateful for the ObamaCare.

We get routine checkups, and so do our kids. Our premiums actually went down a bit. There are a few things about the plan I am not a fan of, but we are not complaining. Compared to where we were two years ago, we are much better off.

Even if you just get the insurance for a few months, I recommend giving it a try. Compared to the other plans out there, this one is much cheaper.