Michigan Health Insurance Exchange

Michigan residents can click on the image below to see quotes and plans.

Get your Michigan Health Insurance Subsidy

If you get a subsidy you will need help to process your application.

  • Once you determine your subsidy you will have to visit Help Me Get My Health Insurance Plan.

*All assistance provided is no cost to you. Purchasing a plan through Obamacare / the Federal Exchange is not the best option for everyone. A Health Insurance Plan Comparison and Consultation will be the best way for individuals and families to find affordable Michigan health insurance and see all their options.

NOTICE: It is important to understand the ACA eliminates medical underwriting. A person’s height and weight or pre-existing conditions do not affect one’s health insurance premium.

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  2. I’m not a tax professional, but Student loans are not reported as income on the tax return so they should not hurt your eligibility for subsidies

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  4. currently I have no health insurance, I am looking for an affordable healthcare coverage. Please reply

  5. I was forced to resign after 22 years of service. I have no income whatsoever. I have prescriptions for my mental health and don’t even know how to get their prices discounted I hate this.

  6. I tried enrolling about 4 months ago and had so much problems understanding this site and what to do next. Then I scheduled a call and was able to get everything done over the phone. It was so easy!

  7. I have myself and my 16 yr old son I will need to cover. I am going thru divorce , I will need coverage starting May.

  8. I need health care asap I am having difficulty signing up I have been trying for a week now

  9. I don’t have insurance and section 8 pays for my rent and my utilities paid by section 8 .get no income and have serious health conditions

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