Is Obamcare Insurance Working?

Obamacare experience has mostly been positive.
Note: This story was researched using the Affordable Care Act website as background, while also viewing a TV interviews with a Care Act patients.

When it comes to the “Affordable Care Act,” that is also nicknamed “Obamacare Insurance,” the prognosis is very good, say those without health insurance who now are being treated by a doctor. Also, a new Affordable Care Act patient commented online about “my Obamacare experience being super” because “I now have the patient’s bill of rights that protects my health.” The patient applied for this new health care insurance at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website. The patient lives in Georgia with a wife and three children.

About Obamacare Insurance

According to the Affordable Care Act website, the goal of the law is to put consumers back in charge of their health care.
In turn, the coverage includes:

– Ending any pre-existing condition exclusions for children
– Keeps young adults covered if they are under age 26, and are eligible to be covered under their parents health plan
– Ends arbitrary withdrawals of commercial health insurance coverage
– Gives patients the guaranteed right to appeal
– Changes lifetime limits on coverage
– Ensures premium increases are justified
– Allows patients to get the most from their health insurance premium dollars
– Offers preventive care at no out of pocket cost
– Ensures that a patient’s doctor choice is protected
– Features true emergency services, while removing insurance barriers for seeking emergency care at hospitals outside the patient’s health plan network

In general, the new Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” is about helping people who could not afford health insurance in the past.

Obamacare patient overview

There are many interesting patient success stories online about people without health insurance now feeling better because they signed up for Obamacare. For instance, a family in Atlanta, GA was able to sign up with Humana with little problem. The family was also able to get a federal subsidy for signing up with the Affordable Care Act because their overall earnings for last year were well below the national poverty line. George and Marie S. of Atlanta told a local TV station that they only had to pay $37 per month to cover both themselves and their three children.

When asked if they ever used a health plan before,  George said no because “we could not afford health insurance.” In turn, they are thrilled with their new health insurance plan because “we can now afford to get care,” commented George on a local Atlanta TV news program.

1 thought on “Is Obamcare Insurance Working?

  1. I was given a survey and thought I would post my answers so others could learn about my experience.

    How did you apply?
    I applied online. I was in need of some kind of health insurance in March. With the Affordable Health Care Act going through, I needed something. I went looking online to find some reasonable good insurance. Something that I could benefit from, yet wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg either. I went through dozens of advertisements. But nothing really spoke to me. Finally something did. It was the website.

    What state do you reside in?
    I live in Florida. I moved down here in March of this year. A few weeks after I moved down, I began looking. I had lost my other coverage which was United Health One.

    What is your family’s situation?

    I live with my sister and her partner, for the time being. They both have their own healthcare providers. Funnily enough, my sister has some of the same plan that I do, just on a different level. My sister was the one who talked me into going to the website. She said they were great and saved her $151 per a month, which is even more money than I get but she is older.

    What carrier did you sign up with and why?

    I signed up with Humana. It’s the one under the Obama care insurance umbrella. It was the only one I could afford right now, and it is cheap. I only have to pay $19 a month and Obamacare fund pays the rest.

    Did you get a federal subsidy?

    Being self-employed and just starting out. I got access to that subsidy. The reason being is that I only make like $20K or so.

    Have you used your plan?

    Yes, I have. I used for an eye doctor appointment. I picked the providers in my network, that way it cuts down on the cost, so I only paid $25. I had gotten something in my eye and it was very irritated, but it’s all fine.

    Do you like your plan?

    So far I like it. The preventive care aspect of the plan works sort of like my old insurance did. It pays 100% for the basic exams and diagnostics. I also used the dental portion that bought separately. The only catch with the dental is, you need to wait 6 months before doing fillings and stuff. So if you need a filling, you need to wait 6 months after you sign. If you need major care, such as a crown or denture work, that you need to wait longer for, but the cleanings were covered instantly. And say you need to have some sort of surgery, you will need to wait until 1 year after you sing up. I found that out today when I called them. But at least they told me. If I don’t wait and use some of that stuff right away, it will be all out-of-pocket for me. For someone who doesn’t make a lot of money right now, that can be a difficult situation. I am one of those people. The fact that some of my dental is covered 100% is a big blessing.

    How much does your plan cost?

    My plan for dental and vision combined, I pay about $37.00 each month. Which is really not that bad when you consider the alternative. There are other plans that cost twice as much a month, if not more. So I’m pretty happy with the selection I made.

    Like I said in the earlier question I only pay $19 for the medical insurance, the normal cost for the medical is $159 but I only pay $19. The Obama health coverage is more affordable than my dental and vision. I like it though.

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