Free Help With Obamacare

Application for Obamacare is a site owned and managed by Federally Facilitated Marketplace Certified agents. Key points:

  1. There are no costs or fees associated with using our site or working with our FFM Agents.
  2. Our entire staff is not only Federally Certified but also State Certified.
  3. We work with ALL the health insurance carriers available in each state, so you can see all options available to you.
  4. All the health insurance rates and premiums come directly from the Federally Facilitated Marketplace, we have no control over what these rates are.


Fun Facts:

  • When a shopper calls us while on their computer we can help create an account, check for subsidy, shop plans, and apply in one setting.
  • You never pay us any money. You pay the carrier directly or the federal government and they pay the carrier your portion along with their contribution.
  • You are allowed to switch plans every year and with our customer support system you can speak with the same representative every year.

19 thoughts on “Free Help With Obamacare

  1. Still working for me. The customer service is nice. Had to move and got help updating my move. So far so good.

  2. mike tried why cant the goverment get things right the goverment needs to pull their head out of you know what extend the dead line i cant be penalized for something i tried cant get threw im frustrated..when will it be back up for another system shut down mike from seattle ill try later.

  3. I need help filing for health insurance. I have no income. The only help I am receiving is food stamps. They wont give me a health card to help me with medications.
    Thank you

  4. I am working and insurance is offered to us but at first I declined it until I found out that we will be fined if we don’t get insurance by March 2014. My employer said that I now have to wait until June 2014 and I was told to find someone else until June.
    Do you have any suggestions. I live in Texas, 78501 and my yearly income is approximately around $18k to $20,000.

  5. I dont have any income coming in but i filed an application for medicaid and they declined me so what do i do now? trying to get my disability

  6. I want information about the insurance and quotes give me a phone number to talk I speak in Spanish.

  7. I am trying to locate a telephone number for a FFM agent but can’t seem to locate any on this site..Can you please provide a telephone number??

    1. Yes, trying to call the federal government directly will most likely not work. The federal government certified thousands of FFM Agents such as the staff associated with this site. However, the federal government is shut down and none of their tools are working at this time. It is suggested to visit this site again in a week or two.

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