Ohio Health Insurance Exchange

If you live in Ohio you can click on this calculator below to figure out your subsidy.

If you are low income, under $250 a week, click here to see some options.

Get your Ohio Health Insurance Subsidy

If you get a subsidy you will need help to process your application.

  • Once you determine your subsidy you will have to visit Help Me Get My Health Insurance Plan.

*All assistance provided is no cost to you. Purchasing a plan through Obamacare / the Federal Exchange is not the best option for everyone. A Health Insurance Plan Comparison and Consultation will be the best way for individuals and families to find affordable Ohio health insurance and see all their options.

If you only need dental coverage. Visit Ohio Dental Insurance.

NOTICE: It is important to understand the ACA eliminates medical underwriting. A person’s height and weight or pre-existing conditions do not affect one’s health insurance premium.

3 thoughts on “Ohio Health Insurance Exchange

  1. The QUOTES you have given me are NOT BY ANY MEANS AFFORDABLE. Obama Care was created to make health care fordable to Americans? Or was it made to line Obama’s pockets? Before Obama Care there where reasonable and affordable health care items that could be afforded. Now that Obama Care has come to be I am going to be charged a minim of $150? I make only 1,200 a month (gross). After taxes my income is less than $1,000 every month. I pay $450 a month for taxes plus everything else I am paying for the cost of living and I simply cannot afford the cost of the plans available.
    You have screwed over the little man instead of helping him. Thank you for your witty pocketing of the little mans money. I home that the Obama Care legislation backfires and collapses into a ruddy pile of papers that have meaningless words on them. Next term I will be voting for the man who says that he will call for an emergency overview of the Obama Care legislation and has it revoked.
    Yours sincerely,
    Johnathin B Wright-Martin

    1. Jonathan, you are the man ! I 100% agree with what you say. I can not even fit food into my budget no matter how much I cut back. We need to impeach Obama and repeal Obamacare before our country is destroyed ! Anonymous.

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