Obamacare Dental Insurance

Many people think Dental Insurance is automatically included in your Obamacare Plan. This is not the case, 99% of the plans offer have NO adult dental insurance. If you want dental insurance it is best to buy private dental insurance.

Can I get dental coverage through the Obamacare Marketplace? 

In the Obamacare, dental coverage is included in a select few health plans. You can also get a stand-alone plan and pay a separate premium.

How do I add dental coverage to my Obamacare plan?

You can buy a dental plan through the Obamacare site ONLY when you enroll in a health plan at the same time. If you’re already enrolled in a Obamacare plan, you can’t add on dental coverage. If YOU do try and add dental coverage at this time, you will have to start and entirely new medical policy, which would mean a new policy number and a new deductible.

How can I see what dental plans and benefits are available?

After you complete your Obamacare application and get your results, you can view health plans that include dental coverage. If you decide you want a stand-alone dental plan, you can choose one after you select your health plan.

Do I have to get dental coverage for my child?

No. Dental coverage for children is an essential health benefit. This means if you’re getting health coverage for someone 18 or under, dental coverage must be available for them either as part of a health plan or as a stand-alone plan.

Can I cancel my dental coverage at any time and still keep my health coverage? It depends on what type of dental coverage you have. If you have a separate, stand-alone dental plan, you can cancel your dental coverage any time during the year by not making payments on the dental plan premium.

Remember your oral health is important. Every year millions of Americans suffer pain, abscess, disease, and even death from poor dental hygiene. The best way to have quality dental is to shop online for a quality dental plan.