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*All assistance provided is no cost to you. Purchasing a plan through Obamacare / the Federal Exchange is not the best option for everyone. A Health Insurance Plan Comparison and Consultation will be the best way for individuals and families to find affordable North Carolina health insurance and see all their options.

NOTICE: It is important to understand the ACA eliminates medical underwriting. A person’s height and weight or pre-existing conditions do not affect one’s health insurance premium.

22 thoughts on “North Carolina Health Exchange

  1. Really. For someone that has a very low is not affordable. 248.00 a month is pretty expensive for someone that makes 8.00 an hour and only gets 30 to 40 hrs a week.

  2. How do you expect people to get insurance by march 1st if they have no income!! and over 3/4 of north carolina cant even get medicade if they dont have children or if they are not disapled!!! There are people out here with real medical problems who cant even go to the doctor because they cant afford it!! My boyfriend has diabetes and cant get any medical care and i have a tumor in my pituitary gland and supposed to have a mri done every 6 months and cant even do that not including i have endometrisis and cant afford to do see a doctor! this is a load of crap! there are no jobs which means no income and you expect us to pay $218 a month for insurance, how in the hell do you expect us to do that? this Obama Care is a load of shit and if we dont get insurance we will be fined!! and you take money out of our taxes if we havent signed up for this! you need to get out of office and let someone else help north carolina because all your doing is messing everything up!


    1) Yep, actual complete enrollments are low, but, in fact, they are about 40% ahead of both Romneycare and Medicare Part D at this point in time. Large systems, especially thoose that use multiple state-controlled databases tend to have problems. Heck, Microsoft is still issuing patches for Windows XP.

    2) The reason the state exchanges are working well is that they do not have to access more than one state’s databases. This simplifies the process for the states by almost two orders of magnitude.

    3) ACA is a lot more successful already than the news reports would indicate. There are already millions of people who have pre-existing conditions or have hit caps or have kids on their policies that are currently benefitting from ACA. In addition, the Medicaid expansion, which was supposed to be bigger than the private expansion is already at 440,000 in only 10 of the 25 states that chose that option. Add to that the 44,000 or so who have actually completed the process already, and you are closing in on the 500,000 that HHS expected for this time period. But if you mine the data a little more closely, you will see that there over a million people who have completed the process and determined elibgibility except for the final step of choosing the provate carrier. People are taking their time with this last step because it is critical to getting the best deal.

    4) The web interface is not the only option anyway. You can also do the entire process by telephone in any one of 26 languages. This is one overy overlooked option that many are using because so many have resorted to it for answering questions already.

    5) The furor about people who want to continue their sub-standard policies is pretty much an invented story. All those people are dealing with insurors who knew that on January 1, 2014 that the policies would become illegal. Many are scams like AFLAC, but most of the others fail to offer major services — the two most prominent being annual physicals and addiction/mental health coverage. The insurors knew this was coming and it does appear to be a bit of a surprise to HHS who apparently believed that no American insurance company would stoop that low.

    6) While the scamming insurance companies are heavily lobbying the GOP to allow people to keep their “beloved” insurance policies, it is because they are much more highly profitable than anything on the exchanges. I think that low-information people should be able to keep these policies if they are that adamant — except for two provisions: a) they must pay the difference between what they have and the closest standard policy on the exchange, and b) there would be a five-year waiting period before they could opt into ACA.

    ACA is the GOP’s worst nightmare in that it will almost certainly be stable with 14-60 million people covered by March 30th, 2014. Within six mopnths after that it will become an “American institution” joiniung Social Security and Medicare. This will mean that the 2014 elections will be a disaster for the GOP because they have spent so much political capital on defeating/repealing/defunding ACA.

  4. Hi, I really need to talk with someone concerning the healthcare plan that will benefit my family and I.

  5. This is a joke. I have been trying since October to find my son a policy, since his insurance i had on him on a private sector is going up so much that i can’t afford it. He is a student in college and has no job and his father is disabled. I don’t know what else to do. Frustrated to say the least……..

  6. Dear Obama, please go away and leave us Americans along.Please! You are destroying my health care.Just go away you are a nightmare! Go help some other country and mess them up.I own a small business and work another job I have it hard enough without your sorry self!

  7. I have been unemployed for two years. I’m currently a online student at Miller-Motte College pursuing for my Associate Degree in Health Information Technology. I need insurance that is affordable. I’m currently on my husband insurance from his job which the cost is taking most of his income to provide a family plan insurance. Is there anything out there that is a affordable?

  8. i need to see what type of incurance yiu can offer to me and my wife as today we have no insurance. we had to cancel our insrance due to economic crisis in our household.

  9. I have a college education and I don’t understand how to calculate my Modified Adjusted Gross Income. The chart that pulls up is confusing. I was attempting to figure out if it would be cheaper to purchase coverage through this or continue my current coverage at work. Can someone please help me? My health insurance is increasing 26% in January due to this plan and I cannot afford it.

  10. Hello. I am 44 year old female. I have just lost my optima insurance and have no income. I have been unemployed since November 2012 due to illness and have been denied disability benefits. I cannot get documentation because I have no insurance and no income to pay for doctors or required prescriptions What, how, and anything will obamacare benefit me. please respond. Thank you.

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