My Love for Obamacare, A Review

Applying for health insurance is always a scary ordeal, but with the right information from an easy step by step guide, a difficult decision can be made simple. When my family and I made the group decision to switch to Obamacare we found to be one of the simplest switches in insurance we had ever done.

We began by researching Obamacare over the internet as well as other articles we found through news websites. After finding out a good amount of information we went to and followed the links for open enrollment and ended up signing up in December of 2014
Our Families situation is not unlike many others in the world today. So many people are left struggling and finding it very difficult to keep up with the daily expenses of life. We in particular have difficulty taking care of doctors’ bills as well as dental visits. Obamacare care helped us take care of this by providing us with affordable healthcare and a plan that was easy to understand. It also helps that it is accepted at many offices around our area.

We were given several options for healthcare plans but ended up choosing Ambetter Health Plan. The federal subsidy covers the majority of the Doctors’ visit, with us only having to pay a small copay for primary visits and little higher copay for a specialist visit.

We use our plan often as we have two children who need frequent doctors’ visits due to being in public school and being exposed to yearly illnesses. I myself have to go to the doctors often due to chronic sinus infections and high blood pressure issues. I also suffer from mental illness which requires medication, so I need to visit a doctor every three months to re-evaluate my mental health. I did have to buy a separate dental policy through Dental Insurance TX.

The plan from Aetna health has been nothing short of amazing and it is definitely the best health insurance offered in Texas. I honestly don’t know what we would do if it were not for Obamacare having passed through legislation. The range of doctors we are able to visit is vast compared to what we had previously had years ago with the insurance through the state of Texas.

The silver level plan that we chose for a family of four with a median income cost us One-Hundred forty-three dollars a month, with an annual deductible of four-hundred seventy-nine dollars. Compared to most other health plans, provided through private companies and through Obamacare as well, this was an absolute god sent and has helped my family immensely and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity.