Indiana Obamacare for Truck Driver

My husband has been a truck driver in Indiana for over 25 years, and up until the last year was with a larger firm, due to cutbacks he moved to a smaller firm and it was then we needed insurance. Thank goodness for Obamacare plans otherwise we would not be able to afford healthcare. When he was trucking for a large company he was paying $580.00 per month, through Indiana Obamacare we found the exact coverage for $142.00. But we had to research and find the right plan for us.

We began the process after they had given him his two weeks notice and their friendly and accommodating agents were so helpful in no time they had the plan we needed and the price we could afford and they did it all as he went from one company to the next with no lapse in health coverage. As an over the road driver he needed the insurance for physicals and medications to continue the job, they took the time and got us what we needed and in a short amount of time. We had to be cautious of the deductibles, what they would cover for preventative, copays and our out of pocket minimum but we worked it all out and he and our family have found peace of mind at a much lower rate.

There are many plans out there and finding one for us was easy. We scheduled a call with an Obamacare agent, and he did all the work for free we just told him what we needed and when. We have outpatient, which we just used on a few tests and made sure our plan fit our doctor which is most important. Some doctors take Obamacare some do not. Our prescriptions we have no hassle in getting and our copays actually went down with Obamacare. with a lower deductible we found that today we are able for him to go get the tests he needs and our doctor is quick to get them all done, before he was hesitant but with the Obamacare he seems to get us in and out. I would have to say though my husband had to switch jobs and we had to go out looking for healthcare it turned out better for our family in the long run. We are getting better care at a lower price to us and so far our Anthem BCBS Indiana plan has all but covered more than we thought. Just do your homework and make plans and talk to the agents and your Obamacare experience can be like ours painless and cost effective for us to live a happy, healthy life.