How Obamacare Works for Ohio Family

My family uses the Affordable Care Act for our insurance. We have a family of 4, but our 2 boys were adopted and receive medical cards. We are both self-employed and getting insurance is rather costly to us. I had a horrible time getting signed up. The web-site didn’t seem to work. My friend referred me to, which is a free site with privately licenses and certified agents to handle enrollment. I originally signed up when everyone was mandated to do so by a certain date. I had tried to call the federal government but had to wait on the phone for hours to get through and the rep was not smart. Then I got the referral and the ApplicationForObamacare agents were easy to get a hold of and knew exactly what to do. It only took like 20 minutes. Thankfully, my representative did right by me without any hassle.

I have had my coverage for 2 years nearly. At first my premium was $47.82 and it was through Medical Mutual of Ohio. My deductible for my husband and myself was $200. All the prescriptions and metal health also counts toward that deductible too. I was at my deductible in no-time and then the company paid 80/20. The first year went over pretty good and without any problems. I attend counseling every week and I am one of the lowest that has to pay. The counselor said my $9.66 co-pay is unbelievable. Also my prescriptions are so low too. I usually pay between $.57 to $1.05 for a script in generic form. This is a small cry from what I was paying when we had traditional insurance.

I guess my views of the program are good, but I have friends and family who got stuck with a horrible policy. AT the end of the first year, we didn’t need to do anything to stay on the same plan, as we were still within the same income structure. Together my family makes around $42,000 a year. As a family of 4, this allows us to get great rates. This year our carrier notified us that our premium would go up. In fact, it took a huge hike from $47 to $187. Now, this is the amount that I have to pay out of pocket. I do receive a federal subsidy to offset this amount. My subsidy is $862 a month. Without this subsidy, I couldn’t afford this plan at all.

My husband was hospitalized and had emergency surgery last month. The cost of everything was over $30,000. We only have to pay $1,000 out of pocket. Our max out of pocket is $2,000 and we have already used most of that on prescriptions and other visits. Now, all of my prescriptions and medical visits are free until the end of the year. It’s like a gift to be able to have such great insurance. Yes, I hate dealing with the website, the customer service department and filling out all the information on the taxes, but we couldn’t have insurance any other way for this price. I feel like we get great coverage and every doctor in our area, as well as medical centers, are on our policy.

With a low max out of pocket, super low deductibles and a monthly premium that is affordable, I have found Obama Care to be a great thing for my family.