Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange

If you live in Louisiana you can click on this calculator below to figure out your subsidy.

If you are low income, under $230 a week, click here to see some options.

If your income is OVER $50,000 Click Here to get your Quotes.

If you get a subsidy you will need help to process your application.

Get your Louisiana Health Insurance Subsidy

If you get a subsidy you will need help to process your application.

  • Once you determine your subsidy you will have to visit Help Me Get My Health Insurance Plan.

*All assistance provided is no cost to you. Purchasing a plan through Obamacare / the Federal Exchange is not the best option for everyone. A Health Insurance Plan Comparison and Consultation will be the best way for individuals and families to find affordable Louisiana health insurance and see all their options.

NOTICE: It is important to understand the ACA eliminates medical underwriting. A person’s height and weight or pre-existing conditions do not affect one’s health insurance premium.

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  1. Tried to apply on line but found instructions extremely difficult to follow. Completed work sheet for subsidy, but was told I did not qualify. Referred to Louisiana Medicaid program, which I do not qualify for due to age. I am a single 40 year old female earning $230.00 biweekly working at McDonald’s. Please provide some direction on how to apply under the Obamacare program.

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