Aetna Expands in Health Insurance Marketplace

Aetna and the individual health insurance marketplace have been evolving at record speeds. As an industry leader Aetna is committed to building a healthier America. Aetna is  in the process of launching new products in the following markets:

Aetna or Coventry plans currently in those counties will transition to new Aetna LeapSM.  Current MarketPlace enrollees do not have to do anything to transition to these new plans. However, federal subsidy recipients should review their tax credits this fall to make certain the right federal subsidy amount is being received.

Nothing changes for current Aetna and Coventry 2015 coverage.

Aetna subscribers will not be able to renew their current plan when the policy term ends on December 31, 2015, but they will be offered the new Aetna Leap plan that most closely matches their current Aetna or Coventry plan.

Some key points to new Aetna Leap plans are:

  • A policy that’s easy to understand and simple to use
  • A new Aetna program where members earn rewards for healthy activities
  • A great Aetna network of doctors and hospitals.
  • Affordable plan options
  • Excellent family coverage

If you are interested in learning about the new Aetna plan options, you can complete an Obamacare Application to get started.