Health Insurance Quotes

It is important to understand that American’s currently have two options when buying health insurance.

The best option depends on your situation. This is why you must call us for free guidance.

Here are some examples:

FIRST EXAMPLE: If you are 45 years old and very healthy and earn over $46,000 a year, you want to buy a private health insurance policy (Option 1). This will save you the most time and you can apply directly with the company. You do not need to apply through the government.

SECOND EXAMPLE: If you have a moderate income (Over $12,000), then Option 2 would be your best choice.

All of this may seem extraordinarily confusing. This is why the Federal Government has Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Certified Agents. Who can assist you in finding the best option for you.

Some things to consider when checking on quotes and plan options.

      • Does my doctor accept this coverage?
      • Is my local hospital in-network?
      • I travel for work, is this a regional plan or national PPO?
      • Is this an HMO that requires referrals?

Sometimes people simply buy the lowest quoted premiums, when really their needs require a higher level of coverage. No matter what you situation we can Help You Get the best Health Insurance Plan and shop all options.

11 thoughts on “Health Insurance Quotes

  1. If you qualify for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Can you apply for these programs any time or do we need it to be the Obamacare Open Enrollment?

  2. Why are the premiums and deductible amounts so in the stratosphere?? Do not know which plan to apply for . Insurance will not pay until the enormous deductible is paid. Why not just pay the doctor ect. anyway, most of us will never hit or go over our deductible. The insurance companies are the next fall of the economy as applies to the common citizen of the USA!!!!!! SOMEONE GET ME OFF THIS RIDE!

    1. Keep in mind all plans have 100% preventive coverage. This means you pay $0 for preventive. Also, most plans offered do have copays. Most plans allow the copay instantly, you do not have to meet your deductible.

  3. By the way, feel free to publish this comment. I do not feel that the government has the right to force me to have insurance. I believe it is un-Constitutional. President Obama and our legislature has tramped on own freedom. If I could afford to move my entire family out of this country, I would!!!!

  4. It’s not fair that Alabama residents should be punished because our
    Governor is a physician who is on looking out for the interest of other doctors, and not the interest of the health of the people of Alabama.

  5. My husband has health cover in his job, like a high school teacher. But include me it is super expensive, I never had health plan for me. I would like to get something cheaper for me and my son.

  6. I am a college student and I have no insurance since I’m not working. I lost my insurance when I was working because I was a student and had limited availability.

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