Open Enrollment

The Health Insurance Exchange is now active! Open enrollment is here so all Americans can shop for affordable health insurance.

If you are low income, under $220 a week, click here for Low Income options.

If you Earn Over $230 a week, Click here to review the Health Insurance Plans.

Once you select an option above, you will be able to explore plans and see if you are eligible for lower deductibles and reduced rates. About 56% of all Americans can get Federal Money to help pay for their health insurance.

6 thoughts on “Open Enrollment

  1. Is there a certain income a family can make in order to be eligible for Obamacare insurance?

  2. I have been in Florida for 3 months and I lost my healthcare 6n weeks ago and have been trying to get Obamacare and can never seem to be able to fill the application. Please help!! ASAP

  3. Seems to be a nice system. The rep directed me through the process. I submitted all my application. Had to use the reps help. She called me after I entered my info. Obamacare is not bad with some help.

  4. I applied for obama care when it was time to apply. I was sick and needed insurance asap. Got the treatment and everything fine now. Looks like Obama did right by me.

  5. This has all been a great experience. I had excellent help and everything is arranged. Good Plan and good price. Finally covered by Obamacare insurance.

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