Open Enrollment

Currently, Open Enrollment is closed, however there are still three ways to obtain coverage.

1. If you are low income, under $300 a week, click here to see some options.

2. You may have special enrollment if you:

  • Lost Coverage in the last 60 days.
  • Got Married or Divorced or had a Baby.
  • Moved to a new area.
  • If you THINK you qualify for a special enrollment, click here then select your state.

3. If you Earn Over $300 a week, and do NOT have a special enrollment, please click here to review your health insurance options.

3 thoughts on “Open Enrollment

  1. This has all been a great experience. I had excellent help and everything is arranged. Good Plan and good price. Finally covered by Obamacare insurance.

  2. I applied for obama care when it was time to apply. I was sick and needed insurance asap. Got the treatment and everything fine now. Looks like Obama did right by me.

  3. Seems to be a nice system. The rep directed me through the process. I submitted all my application. Had to use the reps help. She called me after I entered my info. Obamacare is not bad with some help.

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