South Carolina Health Exchange

If you live in South Carolina you can use this calculator below to figure out your subsidy.

If you are low income, under $230 a week, click here to see some options.

If your income is OVER $50,000 Click Here to get your Quotes.

If you get a subsidy you will need help to process your application.

Get your Louisiana Health Insurance Subsidy

If you get a subsidy you will need help to process your application.

  • Once you determine your subsidy you will have to visit Help Me Get My Health Insurance Plan.

*All assistance provided is no cost to you. Purchasing a plan through Obamacare / the Federal Exchange is not the best option for everyone. A Health Insurance Plan Comparison and Consultation will be the best way for individuals and families to find affordable Louisiana health insurance and see all their options.

NOTICE: It is important to understand the ACA eliminates medical underwriting. A person’s height and weight or pre-existing conditions do not affect one’s health insurance premium.

7 thoughts on “South Carolina Health Exchange

  1. I am trying to see if I qualify for subsidy but the calculations is not working, I’ve tried 4x, I have no income

  2. look I cannot afford this ,I only make men wage and don’t make hours like that,i only make enough to pay rent .is there anyway I can get help paying’s really hard that the people that work don’t even get insurance where I work we don’t.please let me know who can help me

  3. I have on job os what can I do for help I call for help and get on one on the phone so can someone help me with any thing

  4. What is the point in trying to look up prices for health care for a smoker if the price quote doesn’t reflected the true premium for a smoker, even after you check that you smoke? Not helpful at all! I don’t like the fact that I have to also use my household income to determine the price of healthcare for ONE person, when the other person has insurance. It should be just based off the person’s income that needs the insurance. I thought this was suppose to be affordable? Ridiculous.

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